Ankle support elastic bandage can be used both in sport – it protects and stiffen the ankle, and in rehabilitation – it helps healing the injured or strained ankle joint.

Why is it good to use the elastic rehabilitation bandages?

  • they protect and stiffen the joints
  • they are very elastic and durable
  • they are designed in a way to ensure easy movements of the joint parts
  • they perfectly fit the body’s shape
  • they are soft and pleasing to the skin
  • they are perfectly breathable
  • they absorb the excess of sweat while exercising
  • they have the ability to keep the therapeutic heat

The elastic bandage is a reusable product. It can be washed up to 40°C and should be dried loosely. It is recommended during rehabilitation.


  • it reinforces the ankle joint’s ligament
  • it alleviates the pains and swellings
  • it protects the joint after injuries
  • it protects against frequent sprains of the ankle
  • in case of rheumatism and degeneration illness
  • as a dressing after removal of the plaster

Product dimensions:

size + leg circumference above the ankle

S: 19-21cm

M: 22-24cm

L: 25-26cm