Company history and headquarters 

The Trade and Production company DALPEX was established in 1992 by Mr. Andrzej Bugajski, who since then has been the sole owner of the company. At the beginning the company was occupied only with trade activity, however, since 2006 it also has begun full production activity. Currently, the production plant and warehouses are located in Pabianice at Warszawska 129, while the company’s headquarters and office are located in Wrocław at Sołtysowicka 62A.

Company activity and profile 

Currently, DALPEX supplies its products to the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland. The high-quality production standards are also confirmed by the fact that a significant part of the production is carried out under the brands of well-known Polish and foreign companies. We make great effort to be a serious, reliable and prospective business partner for our clients at every step of the business cooperation.

Our target product profile are medical devices such as: elastic bandages, knitted bandages, cotton wool, rehabilitation bandages, gauze and swabs (sterile and non-sterile), dressing plasters and adhesive tapes, as well as other medical products, with which we constantly expand our offer.

Company goals

From the beginning of its business activity, the company has been dynamically developing in the field of production and distribution of medical dressings. Systematic investment activities, expanding the machine park, expanding the products range, and active marketing activities ensure the constant development of the company and reinforce its steady position on the Polish market.

We appreciate your cooperation!

European Union Funds

Project title:

Implementation of production technology and introduction to the market of innovative bandages based on antibacterial fiber with a high content of silver ions: sterile woven elastic bandages and adhesive sport bandages by DALPEX company – the leader of the dressing materials market in Poland.

Project goal:

Implementation of the production technology of elastic bandages and adhesive sport bandages based on antibacterial fiber.

Planned effects of the project:

Introduction to the domestic market of two innovative products not previously produced both domestically and worldwide: sterile and antibacterial elastic bandages and adhesive sport bandages.

Project value: 6,860,361.90 PLN

Subsidy: 3,038,612.67 PLN




Project title:

Commencement of the international expansion of the DALPEX Andrzej Bugajski company by implementing a new business model included in the business strategy for internationalization.

Project goal:

Implementation of a new business model characterized in the Export Strategy, which is the basis for optimizing the use of the company’s resources, increasing its profitability and gaining a sustainable competitive advantage on foreign markets.

Planned effects of the project:

Diversifying the company’s activity and increasing international expansion by implementing new business models and increasing expansion to external markets by implementing a long-term (comprehensive) business strategy.

Project value: 379,172.35 PLN

Subsidy: 299,323.55 PLN